Veterans Day Rec Spotlight: Seth Grooms

Veterans Day Rec Spotlight: Seth Grooms

In observance of Veterans Day, we did a Q&A with WashU graduate student and United States Marine Corps veteran Seth Grooms, who works out regularly at the Sumers Recreation Center.

Branch of the military and dates active? 

Marine Corps, 2007-2011

Any tours of duty? 

Fallujah, Iraq, 2008 

Year in school and area of study?

First-year in PhD program for Anthropology focusing in Archaeology

What are you interests in terms of your area of study, and what are you hoping to get into after you graduate? 

I do archaeology, focusing on Native American groups in the past. Specifically Late Archaic groups in the Lower Mississippi Valley. I hope to be a Professor/researcher after I graduate.

What kind of workout do you like to do at the gym?

I switch it up a lot. I like compound movements like deadlift and squats. But sometimes I down shift to kettle bell stuff. I find it easier on my joints. I'm 28 after all (old in Marine Corps years).

Why you feel it is important to stay active?

I've always taken pride in staying fit and more importantly being functionally strong; you never know what life will throw at you. Working out gives me an outlet to release stress as well. And of course: PT is good for you, PT is good for me! Oohrah!